Urban hike to the Evergreen Brickworks through wooded trails runs every weekday morning Monday to Friday, year round, from Davisville Subway Station 10 am to noon – $20 – (registration required)

Visiting the city? Tired of all the shopping, traffic, and condos, condos, condos? Or live here and just need a break from the rat race?  Come into the woods inside of the city and enjoy a Zen moment.

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Light Snow in the Ravines
March 14, 2018
  Winter is really hanging on this year.  Make the most of it.  A light coat of snow really brightens up the trails and provides great effects for photos.  The waterways are fina
Sheep at Riverdale Farm
March 8, 2018
This Saturday morning's ramble will be passing through Riverdale Farm.  It is always nice to experience a little bit of country in the city. Come on out!  For details and to register vis
Check Out the Teeth on This Fish Skull
March 6, 2018
Very cool fish skull that washed up on Sunnyside beach.  Who knew there are fish out there equipped with such incredible chops! This looks like something Georgia O'Keefe would have paint

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